Scaletta Napalm Death 2017

Scaletta 2017

Data: 13 maggio 2017

Tour: Campaign for Musical Destruction

Venue: Parigi (Francia)

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Tutte le setlist:


Setlist Concerto Napalm Death

Evolved as One
It’s a M.A.N.S. World!
Necessary Evil
Smash a Single Digit
Stunt Your Growth
When All Is Said and Done
Stubborn Stains
The Kill
You Suffer
From Enslavement to Obliteration
The Code Is Red… Long Live the Code
Twist the Knife (Slowly)
Dear Slum Landlord…
Christening of the Blind @Info[band went out a stage after this one because the venue was too hot]
How the Years Condemn
Suffer the Children
Nazi Punks Fuck Off @Cover[37c78aeb-d196-42b5-b991-6afb4fc9bc2e]
Adversarial/Copulating Snakes